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Mojo & Moxie

Spectacular Media is an innovative digital advertising company based in Round Rock, TX, with branch offices in California and Colorado. We develop and provide solutions for digital media, including indoor and outdoor digital signage, LED billboards and other digital advertising mediums.

Our Mission: Simplify, Innovate, Improve.

We believe in creating excellent targeted digital content, better community outreach, and an easier way to control exterior and interior Digital Signage systems; A better way to use existing technology to help both profit and non-profit organizations spread their message to the greater public; A better way to deliver solutions in a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-integrate system.

We embrace innovation wholeheartedly. Building solutions from the ground up gives us the ability to provide a fresh and new approach to our clients, unhindered by outdated technology or ideas. We want to improve the way our clients interact and communicate with the public. We are not afraid to update and modify our solutions according to industry changes and feedback from clients.

We help initiate and continue conversations with viewers through digital media. Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and demands more from advertising, more beauty, more professionalism and more personalization than ever before. We want to meet and exceed these expectations and start the conversation with a bang by providing our clients the tools and expertise they need.

There’s a reason why you do what you do, and we want to make it spectacular.


SMSITEsmlogoSM Infinity ™ Cloudware for Exterior/Interior Digital Signage
Collaborating with like-minded LED Sign partners, we pioneered the development
of our flagship product, we’ve expanded to bring the same innovative approach to
interior systems like LCD Displays, Menu Boards, and Digital Signage networks.
We continue to expand and deliver new and exciting options to communicate with
large public audiences.



Marketing and Graphic Design
While our design department is an integrated part of SM Infinity,
they are leveraged for more than their graphic skills.
We work with clients in North, Central, and South America, and as far as Australia
to create stunning content and better marketing/communication strategies
using existing and newly emerging technologies.


SMSITEtechNew Technologies for Digital Communications
Communication isn’t limited to signage. Smartphones, Smartwatches, mobile devices
of all shapes and sizes are used on a daily basis to reach out and speak to others. The
options are daunting for organizations to figure out how to best manage their brand,
their message, their communication with the world. We’re here to help both profit
and non-profit organizations get the most out of their digital communications and
show how to fully integrate marketing, campaign management, brand awareness,
and more into their business and digital communication options.


We are a company built on partnerships, and as such are always looking for more talented people and organizations to bring into the Spectacular Media family. We thrive on exciting new ideas and ways we can innovate media, marketing and content for markets around the world. If you would like to talk with us about potential partnerships, drop us a line on our Contact Us page.

Some Cool Partners:

SMSITElogovantageVantage LED is a premium US-based manufacturer of innovative outdoor LED displays for the ever-changing LED sign industry. They proudly use SM Infinity on all of their LED displays.

SMSITElogozmmediaZM Media provides a complete dynamic digital signage package, all in one box: great looking hardware, a powerful & dependable cloud based network, and the ability to create new content targeted for your viewing audience.

SMSITElogodatavisionDatavision Displays has been an industry leader in electronic displays for 29 years. Operating from their centrally located offices in Colorado and Austin Texas, they have provided LED signs from the deep South to the Pacific Northwest.

SMSITElogodragonflyDragon Fly Signs is dedicated to customer service, fast shipping, high quality products, and above all bringing their clients more business and higher profits!

SMSITEimpactmotionImpact Motion, Inc. is an enthusiastic & driven digital media firm based in Linden, Alberta. With offices within Alberta’s major cities, they bring communities, their residences, & businesses together through a one of a kind digital experience.

SMSITElogosocSigns of Community and Spectacular Media focus on boosting community involvement and greater engagement in city programs through a more effective means of communication.

Can you feel the Mojo?


SM Infinity

SM Infinity™ is a comprehensive solution for controlling advertising on your indoor & outdoor digital signage
along with professional content creation through the security and reliability of the cloud via the web or mobile.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Access Your Digital Signage from any Internet-Connected Device (PC, Mac, or Mobile). Anywhere. Anytime

Content Creation

Professional Custom Content Creation specific to your Business & Digital Signage. Simple Graphic Request Form.

Online Editor

With the power of Doodle™, you can create a custom message on the fly via Web or Mobile. Need A Message Quick?


Get the Power of Automated Monitoring with Display Status Notifications. Healthy Sign. Healthy Business.

Scheduling Mgt

From Basic Scheduling to Triggering Specific Messages based on Conditions, like weather. Outsmart the Competition.

Online Library

One Place to Access all of Your Content, plus more. Secure and Backed Up Daily. Simple. Secure.


Get Standard Playback and Scheduling Reports for You & Your Clients. Accurate. Proof.


Cloudware with Content & Access that can Work on Multiple Hardware Platforms. Different. Better.

A Safer Community with SM Infinity ™ and IPAWS

In todays world, digital signage plays a pivotal role in public health & safety. Our Automatic Emergency Alert feature integrates directly with FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) for all local and nationwide alerts like: amber alerts, weather alerts, and public safety alerts. We helped pioneer the direct integration of IPAWS on outdoor digital signage through SM Infinity ™  and continue to find new ways to innovate industry. This feature is included as a public service for all users in the USA.

Need More Information?

Ask your display provider if they support SM Infinity ™ or click here to see us in action!

If you’re a display provider and interested in becoming a partner, use the contact us link in the menu above to reach out.

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Spectacular Media supports an open space collaborative approach to business which allows their team to focus
on engaging with clients, the community, and partners to make the entire experience
of owning and operating digital signage an amazing and fluid one.
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